Advice for Scottish artists planning to tour in New Zealand.


UK musicians visiting New Zealand to work require a Performing Artists, Entertainers and Entertainment industry Personnel Work Visa.

NZ Government guidance can be found here

Your NZ employer must submit evidence to Immigration NZ that you meet certain criteria (outlined in the link above). Depending on the details of your contract and the status of your employer the evidence might also have to be submitted to the Musicians’ Union and a letter obtained confirming the Union has no objection to your Visa being granted.

You need to complete the form INZ1187 which can be downloaded here:

Also download the Entertainer Visa checklist here:

The checklist notes all the supporting documents required, some of which will need to be provided by your NZ employer. You will have to send your original passport and two recent passport sized photos.

Your form should be lodged with the relevant branch of Immigration NZ, which in the case of UK residents is London:

New Zealand Visa Application Centre TT Visa Services Ltd Burwood House 14-16 Caxton Street London SW1H 0QY

Phone: +44 203 582 7499 Email:

Be sure to check the London branch’s website for up to date info on processing times and application fees. Currently most applications are processed within 25 days.